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WizardWax is a new formula specifically design for machining with the High Spindle Speeds and Velocities required by the Jewelry Industry. WizardWax unique properties allow the wax chips to simply fall away from the part leaving behind a surface finish never before acheivable with conventional wax. Better machining characteristcs, superior surface finish and yet the same burnout as with other waxes.

Why was WizardWax created? As milling machine technology improves, the cutting velocities (also called feedrate) are increasing. With increasing velocities comes increasing spindle speeds. Extremely high speeds could not be utilized because the wax would not support the more severe conditions. The wax used for decades was originally developed for hand carving...before milling machines were even a thought. Jewelers could not take advantage of the high speed milling machines because the wax was limited. NOT ANY MORE!

WizardWax was specifically formulated for today and tomorrow's high speed milling machines. With WizardWax, machining velocities can exceed 2000 mm/min as opposed to conventional wax's limitation of 500 mm/min.

WizardWax not only cuts faster, the wax is removed in slivers not powder. Therefore, the wax does not clog up the small grooves and cavities so often found in typical jewelry parts. Most parts are cleaned by simply blowing the wax off with air pressure or a little water pressure.

Try the latest technological advancement in wax carving! Try WizardWax!

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