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Feature List

New Items for Roland Users


MachineWizard is a new Roland machine control software that replaces the Dropout and Panel programs from Roland. New features include...

  • Feedrate Override Slider Bar so you can speed up or slow down any program on-the-fly
  • Spindle Speed Override Slider Bar to speedup or slow down the spindle RPM
  • Progress Bar to tell you what percentage complete is your current job
  • Cut Time to tell you how long your job has been running
  • Fixture Offsets to store your fixture zeros away so you can re-zero your machine by simply clicking on a button. Four fixture offsets are stored for any application.
  • New jogging methods and speeds. Now you can tell the machine to "GoTo" a coordinate at a certain feedrate and it goes to that exact location.
  • For MDX-40 Users, thanks to a firmware change on the machine, 20,000 RPM is now the top RPM limit.
  • Calibration Kit for easy setup with complete automatic touch off on fixtures.

MachineWizard is simple to use and makes setup and running your machine a breeze! Introductory List Price $475.00. See video of MachineWizard here...

Rotary Axis Unit

All Roland users know the most critical component of these machines is the Rotary Axis. Roland's original design was made for a more universal market and therefore has some limitations. Cutting-Edge has designed a new Rotary Axis that bolts down, plugs in and runs as if it were original equipment except that is has high precision, metal-to-metal anit-backlash gears for the ultimate in rotary control. The output shaft has the ProtoWziard fixture adapter built right in for more precise concentricity alignment. Made from billet construction this is one titan that will make your machine run like a new one! Introductory List Price $1,900.00.

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Tool Sensor

The tool sensor from Roland is a solid rod that counts on electrical conductivity between the tip of the tool and the tool sensor itself. Everyone knows that when you start to loose conductivity from wax build-up in the collet or even a stray partical of wax laying on the tool sensor, tips start to break during the touch tool sensing cycle. NOT ANYMORE!

Cutting-Edge has designed a new Tool Sensor that is spring loaded for low contact pressure and does not rely on tool tip conductivity. The new tool sensor is right out of the pages of science digest. Utilizing the latest technologies, this Tool Sensor will never break a tool and will accurately set the position every time. Introductory List Price $450.00.

Get all 3 for a discounted price of $2,500.00. Call us today for more information!

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