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Feature List

ProtoWizard Jewelry Fixtures

ProtoWizard's Fixture Kit includes the ProtoWizard Flip Fixture, 3-Sided Ring Combo Fixture, Ring Tube Fixture, and Rod Clamp Fixture and the Head Base Fixture. All of the fixtures are manufactured in the U.S.A from aircraft grade aluminium. High Precision accuracy is acheived using state-of-the-art CNC equipment.

Flip Fixture

    Machine Top and Bottom as with both faces of the ring...

Any 2-Sided part whether the 2 sides of a ring or pendant or ear ring can be made with this fixture.

3-Sided Ring Combo Fixture

ProtoWizard's Ring Combo Fixture just makes it easier to manufacture rings. 2-Sided flip in the center of the fixture and the integrated Arbor for the rotary operations...all in one fixture. The vertical support bracket eliminates runout or wobble during the rotary operation. The unique triangular shape on the tip to locate the ring straight up every time.

Ring Tube Fixture

ProtoWizard's Ring Tube Fixture locates on the center hole of the Ring Tube wax. Use any style or size of wax. Presize the hole and use ProtoWizard's Supports to eliminate the time consuming clean up.

Rod Clamp

Need to machine complex piercing around the bezel? The ProtoWizard's Rod Clamp Fixture will hold 7/8"(22mm) and 1-5/16(33mm) wax rods for multi-sided or full 360 degree rotary machining. Acheive top down cuts using the Ring Arbor Fixture.

Head Base

ProtoWizard's Head Base Fixture works in conjunction with the Rod Clamp Fixture to give perfect alignment to both the vertcal and horizontal alignments for manufacturing heads, earings or any complex part..

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