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Feature List

Feature List

  • Short Learning Curve�ProtoWizard�s User Interface employs a simple 8-9 step procedure that guides the user and the application all of the way from importing the STL file to creating the NC file�literally Art-to-Part!

  • 3 Sided Ring Function�ProtoWizard is the only Rapid Prototyping CAM system integrated with a 3 sided ring application Wizard. Run ProtoWizard one single time to create all of the roughing and finishing NC files for all 3 sides of the ring.

  • Insert Cores for Rings�ProtoWizard is the only product that allows the user to utilize there own cores. Insert any core STL file into the Ring that was created by the user or insert any one of the many cores supplied with ProtoWizard.

  • Parametric Ring/Core Supports�ProtoWizard has the most complete Ring support function. The user defines width, height, number of supports and even a starting angle. Then ProtoWizard does the rest!

  • Specialized Ring Face Toolpath�ProtoWizard creates the most optimized toolpath for the ring face finish toolpath. Radial toolpath is created across the face of the ring keeping perpendicular to the ring. No more X or Y cuts�Radial machining is quicker and more accurate. Never finish cut the core and supports again!

  • Conical Tools for Jewelers�ProtoWizard not only supports Conical cutters, it already has them defined in its Tool database. ProtoWizard is so intelligent, it even prompts the user to override the flute length when it evaluates the cutting operation so the part does not get overcut. The user never has estimated the cut depth only to find out the tool overcut areas.

  • Uses Rotary Offsets�ProtoWizard uses Rotary Offsets to shorten the cut path across the outside of the Ring. The Rotary Offset is the distance past the physical edge of the ring the tool will cut. Never again have the tool cut in air wasting valuable machine time.

  • All Toolpath is listed separately�ProtoWizard allows the user to combine and organize the roughing and finishing toolpath before creating the NC files.

  • Configurable Post Processors�ProtoWizard uses configurable post processors. The user can create custom Macros in their posts to be inserted in between the toolpath. For example, to rotate the ring 180 degrees to get to the right face after machining the left face, the 180-degree macro is inserted. This macro has the predefined instructions to perform the rotation before the right toolpaths are started.

  • Optimized Toolpath�ProtoWizard has an exceptional toolpath optimizer build into the toolpath generator. This optimizer creates a smaller NC file with longer movements, which allows the machine to run at optimal feedrates. With ProtoWizard, your parts are machined in less time!

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